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Lately my friends off the ranch have suggested that I am a pagan. I am coming to accept and even enjoy this new label after considering the mounting evidence:

I exalt in the glory of the sun. On the summer solstice I called friends and family to share my wonder for the sun and all that it provides. That evening at trivia at The Flying Saucer I insisted on toasting to the star of our solar system more than once.

I find compost magical. In Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, Mary Roach interviews Susan Wiigh-Masak, who has founded a human body composting movement. Promessa was developed by Susan Wiigh-Masak as an ecological burial alternative. Here is a third party overview. Roach quotes Wiigh-Masak:

“Compost should not be ugly… It should be lovely, it should be romantic.” She feels similarly about dead bodies. “Death is a possibility for new life. The body becomes something else.”
– “Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers” by Mary Roach, pg 263

Oh how I agree. My housemates and I have discussed if compost should be classified as dead or alive. Yes, it’s comprised of things that are no longer growing or breathing, but it is an active decay process. In a sense then nothing can ever be dead because it can be broken down by worms, fungi, and bacteria to a basic state and then submit itself to giving rise to new life.

I dance in the rain.  In the last two months it has rained only four times on the ranch. For the most recent two I have delighted in the downpour or drizzle by dancing and splashing and playing and singing outside with my housemates. Even lying in puddles for some:

Yes, this label of ‘pagan’ fits me well, and I am looking forward to the new experiences and findings learned on the ranch that I can add to my self-developing understanding of our spiritual earth. Plus it just tastes so yummy.

All the rain drops were little drops of glorious hydration, enabling growth and enriching the earth.

But of course a rainfall would not be complete without taking advantage of the opportunity to create an exciting new hairdo.

I love Madalyn's blurred movement in the background.