Well actually there’s an Arkansas chocolate tarantula on the Seven Hollows Trail at Petit Jean State Park to be specific. And I attempted to hold it:

Apparently these will be crawling over the ranch in the next month or two. I'm considering selling them as pets. Seems like an appropriate use of resources to me.

Other highlights from our wonderful walk in the woods:

Victoria was king of the rock face.

Zack checked out the boulders' crevices.

We happened upon some wild muscadines, and Kiley tried them.

As Britney and I hopped between these turtle shell boulders, I felt like we were playing in Marioland.

Here's some reference to understand the height of some of the trees.

Props to self-timers on cameras. From left to right, front to back: Victoria, Zack, Emily, Kiley, Lisa, Britney, me.